01/28/19 - My Sweetie
I adopted a pure bred manx cat from the humane society 12 years ago. When I first saw this orange tiger cat I called her sweetie. That was her forever name. She loved to purr and sleep on my bed looking at me upside down She would stare out the window for hours watching birds.
01/21/19 - missing you
Gimli, I found you in November 2006 when you lost your home & were starving. You were sometimes a funny stubborn little brat but always a good boy. You passed away on December 29 2018 and I still look for you in your usual places around the house, No one can fill your place. I miss you. You are not forgotten loved one and never will be.
01/21/19 - Little Man
Letter to Heaven. I first met Lucky after my beloved dog Mia died. God brought me to this rescue group and there he was in a crate with his two siblings waiting to be adopted. He sat alone at the back of the crate very timidly. I instantly fell in love. Pure black in color and pure in heart as I would soon discover. Honestly he was so much fu... (more)
01/19/19 - 01-15-2019
I wasn't ready to let her go. She was supposed to always be with us. I never pictured our lives without her. I knew one day she would have to leave us, but I could never picture it. She was such a good dog. She was loving and protective. Our mailman was terrified of her, but she was all bark, no bite. She was a snuggler, an airplane chaser, very v... (more)
01/15/19 - We'll Always Love You
Chewy, We love and miss you so very much. We are thankful for the time we had with you. Rest in heaven our sweet boy. You will always be our Chewy Gooey!! Your loving family, Jason (Dad), Yani (Mom), Jae (Mom 2), Aly, Bella, Ki & Mowgli