09/10/21 - My Sweet Chunky
We miss you so much Hammy. I hope that you miss us too and that you are eating a bunch of snacks in the afterlife. We love you Hammy. We’ll never forget you. <3
09/03/21 - Sweet Cooper
Cooper was the sweetest most loving boy who craved attention from anyone willing to give it. Food, walks and his human sister Harper were his favorite things. He was truly the BEST dog and we are so lucky to have had him in our lives for 14 short years. We love you cooper! Kiss Charlie for us and we think of you every single day! So grateful for AE... (more)
08/23/21 - Kramer the Cat
Kramer was born on August 16 2008, we rescued him in 2009 at a tabby rescue at pet smart. He lived a good 13 years. But whenever we went on vacation we would always come back watching him brethe hard. But after a day or two it would stop, But out of no where he started breathing hard, so we gave him a few days to see if he would stop. He didn't sto... (more)
08/17/21 - Sasha Bean
We brought Sasha in on 8/8/2021 which was about 4 weeks after we learned that she had Lymphoma. The day came that she just couldn't go anymore and we knew it. We tried to make her as comfortable as possible and made her last few weeks the best that we could and she was happy. Unfortunately, the Lymphoma was too much for her and she couldn't go on. ... (more)
08/06/21 - My 3rd Bengal
Ming was quite a handful until she became about two years old and when I got her a companion (Shu, a Seal lynx point Bengal). They had sort of a love-hate relationship. But she was SO sweet to ME and for the last three and a half years, very compliant with getting her oral meds and also injections. 13.5 -14.0 years has been the magic number 4 th... (more)