01/10/19 - My Best Friend
Puppa was my absolute best friend. We did everything together. We played together, we went everywhere together, we even slept together all the time. He meant the world to me and I can’t even bare to not seeing him in our home anymore. The love we had for each other was on such a high level. He had his flaws but he had so much good on him. He ... (more)
01/08/19 - Fly High Shadow
My boyfriend gave me one of the most precious and special gifts in life. A puppy for my birthday, Shadow was one of the kind, always adventures, always up to something with innocent puppy eyes. He was Super cuddly and always knew when you were upset and gave you all the kisses in the world. He had a personality wild, upbeat, chased after silly thi... (more)
12/25/18 - Rest In Peace Pretty Girl
I had Lizzie for ten years, almost since she had been born. I saved her and her siblings and bottle fed them. She was a tough cat. She was the toughest cat in the whole house! I will always love her.
12/05/18 - Our "Witty"
Princess, We miss you so much. You helped bring a special sense of humor and warmth to this house. Our hearts and our laps will not be the same. We are so thankful God brought you into our lives and for the time we had with you. You are missed, but we will not ever forget you.
11/18/18 - Our feathered friend
We recently lost our beloved green-cheek conure. She was young, only a year old and my four children absolutely adored her. She was very silly and very cuddly. She loved sitting in my hand to take baths in the sink, and she love giving kisses and never wanted to be alone . Her loss was sudden and very unexpected. All of the staff at Animal Emergen... (more)