08/06/21 - My 3rd Bengal
Ming was quite a handful until she became about two years old and when I got her a companion (Shu, a Seal lynx point Bengal). They had sort of a love-hate relationship. But she was SO sweet to ME and for the last three and a half years, very compliant with getting her oral meds and also injections. 13.5 -14.0 years has been the magic number 4 th... (more)
07/28/21 - My orange bunny
Osage was rescued by a vet who had the rabbit brought to her to be put down because she wasn't wanted. The vet asked if they would surrender the rabbit and then brought her to a rabbit rescue. While there the rabbit had eye surgery and could only see out of one eye. When I saw the beautiful orange rabbit I adopted her. She was named Osage after th... (more)
07/27/21 - My Baby Love
Luna was a beautiful, loving, peaceful & very wise Soul.. my family would often joke & say “that cat has been here before.. she knows some things that we don’t” lol & I believe that to be true although I only had her for a little over a year it felt like we had shared lifetimes together! I am beyond grateful that she c... (more)
07/10/21 - Oreo The Great
We rescued Oreo, he was our best friend, he had a loving home, along with puppy kisses from our dog rubble! Oreo was a sweet little rabbit, i wish him the best, we will meet again soon buddy! i love you!
07/08/21 - Bulldog
our sweet boy dies on our daughter 13th birthday although we had him for 4 years, we will always treasure the love and joy he brought in our lives and hearts. Never Forgotten our sweet boy heart was filled with so much love, we will always be grateful what we had with him unconditional love..