09/18/18 - My sweet angel
My precious boy passed so unexpectedly! I am beyond devastated and heartbroken. Charlie was my confidant, my therapist , my best friend and my whole world!! He brought me so much joy! He brought happiness into our home. He will be missed tremendously... Charlie my sweetheart, you will be forever in my heart!! I love you so much!!
09/17/18 - My Feathered Pal
I never imagined when I brought Taco home that rainy Spring day in 1973 that I would have a pal for the next 45 years. One of God's most amazing creatures. We miss Taco..
09/09/18 - To my awesome turtle
I got Sheldon as a birthday gift from my aunt when I was 5. Sheldon was such a unique turtle, he would act as if he were a dog. If I passed by his tank, he would hit in splash the water so he could get my attention. If I shook his food container, he would come splashing over. If I would walk away from him, he would hit and splash the water because... (more)
08/13/18 - Sad event
Cody, our 9 lb terrier, was attacked by a 40-50 lb dog. We took her to AEC where they treated her and us with such compassion. Her injuries were so severe, she couldn’t be saved. AEC made this horrible event a little easier.
08/06/18 - My buddy
Wasn't planning on buying a bird, but saw buddy in the pet store, and he would yell for me when ever i was out of his site. So home he came. He was the only pet that truly belinged to me. We had such a connection. He will be forever in my heart. I miss him awful.was so grateful to the staff and doctor who helped at this most difficult time of my de... (more)