07/05/16 - My best friend
Kali was my rescue. People said I rescued her but in actuality she rescued me. Always faithful, happy and loving. She kept my secrets as I kept hers. She was by my side thru everything life threw at me for the last 11 years. . I would have and did do anything I could for her. She is and always will be my one and only. My best friend. My faithful c... (more)
06/07/16 - In loving memory
Nylee had bleed through her vagina, we asked the breeder that we bought her from, she said it wasn't normal, so we took her to an emergency vet, half way there she started fish breathing and passed away in my arms. Nylee 11/8/14-5/21/16 She will be missed dearly by her mommy and papa
05/09/16 - Bernard Moshel
In honor of Pepper, my much loved and deeply missed rescue dog of 16 years.
05/04/16 - Missing you
King was my baby, it was such a fast progression of events that caused his untimely passing that I still can't believe he is gone. His big fluffyness will forever stay in my heart and I will miss him eternally until the day I cross over that rainbow bridge to meet all my babies waiting for me on the other side!!! Rest easy my fur baby and chase a... (more)
05/03/16 - Goodbye Old Gal
A Three year old Rescue Cocker came into my life when I retired Seven years ago. Maddie changed my life. My life revolved around her and gladly we spent our times filled with love and love of treats. Maddie was my Baby Girl and I loved her so much. She was a good doggy and let me sleep in and followed me around and loved her Grandma who babysat alo... (more)