12/05/18 - Our "Witty"
Princess, We miss you so much. You helped bring a special sense of humor and warmth to this house. Our hearts and our laps will not be the same. We are so thankful God brought you into our lives and for the time we had with you. You are missed, but we will not ever forget you.
11/18/18 - Our feathered friend
We recently lost our beloved green-cheek conure. She was young, only a year old and my four children absolutely adored her. She was very silly and very cuddly. She loved sitting in my hand to take baths in the sink, and she love giving kisses and never wanted to be alone . Her loss was sudden and very unexpected. All of the staff at Animal Emergen... (more)
10/20/18 - My Friend
I want to thank everyone at AEC for all of your kind words and thoughts. Beau was my sister-in-law Laura’s dog. She rescued him from a shelter just one day before he would be lost forever. We think he was 4 years old when she took him home with her. Then she spoiled him for 6 years. Three years ago Laura passed away, from cancer, at age 47... (more)
10/15/18 - In Loving Memory
Murphy was a member of our family since June 1st 2006, He went to the doggie Heaven to be with his brothers Coal and Grissom. He was a fighter till the end with a loving spark in his eyes, and was loyal and was wanting to be with us always. October 9th 2018 will be etched in our hearts forever. He was the best Sheppard and would be considered the ... (more)
09/20/18 - Our Sonar
We met Sonar at pet shop at 12 Oaks. He was adopted by my husband and myself at a discount because he had just eaten part of the owner's front seat of sport car. That was our Sonar a loving silky terrier. He suffered in his last three years with diabetes and partial blindness but no matter he never was anything but a loving dog with us and his br... (more)