05/11/17 - The Rescue
The best little tuxedo cat in the world. Her mom started showing up on our deck in early May looking for food. Being cat owners we gladly fed her and she would return daily. One day I said to my husband I think she either is pregnant or nursing but if she has babies I haven't seen them. The next day we woke up in the morning to noise on our deck an... (more)
05/04/17 - Patti
Easter weekend we had to put our 13 and a half yellow lab girl Zoey down. I called my regular vet and being a Saturday, they were very busy.. Told me to go to AEC in Rochester. I was bummed...going thru this was hard enough but now to go to a new place... Well, my husband took her there, and it was very quiet and the vet was wonderful! Very lovi... (more)
03/27/17 - Our Hero? Our Heart
It is with a heavy broken heart I write that Our Hero has crossed the rainbow bridge. SSD Spaulding-K419 US Army Retired. His Handler, my husband, SSG Lee McCoy(ret) Spaulding did 2 tours in Afghanistan (07-08) & (2010-2011), he had over 18 finds {IEDS}, he was Loved by SF 3rd Group & 7th Group. When he retired from the Army in 2011, ... (more)
03/25/17 - Always in our hearts
We unexpectedly lost our beloved dog, Cooper, last week. She was a well loved member of our family for the past 10 years. She will continue to be greatly missed each and every day. A huge thank you to the entire staff at the Novi, AEC, as they have helped us to get through this tough time. The Taylor Family
03/24/17 - One Amazing Dog
We brought our beloved Shadow in after he was unable to move following a good run in the woods. Come to find out he had a tumor and was bleeding internally. The staff at the emergency center was so amazing! They were honest, kind, and understanding and allowed us to be with him in his last hours. It was so sudden for us and he was our best fr... (more)