11/17/22 - Our Princess
Your were our first "baby". Who brought unconditional love and laughter to every person in our family! You'll be forever in our hearts. Run on a rainbow our sweet girl. We will meet again one day! 06/08/2006-10/24/2022
11/04/22 - Twix
We were very blessed to have our snoodle, Twix, for 16 1/2 years. She was the most loving and well behaved little girl. She will be in our hearts forever. She is in heaven with her sister, snickers. Until we meet again. 💔
11/02/22 - Our Beloved Pureum
Pureum and I shared such a special bond and she’s truly been my best friend for the past year and a half. Her time was short but her enthusiasm for each day was never short lived. Every moment with her was pure joy, seeing her be her derpy and adorable self. She’s the most unique and special hamster I’ve ever met and I’ll ne... (more)
10/31/22 - Master
I have fond memories of having a dog as a child, so I decided to bring home a dog for my children 14 years ago. Little did I know, Koda would decide to choose me as his soulmate. As they say “Vizslas are like Velcro” they attach themselves to one person in the family. He followed me everywhere. He was a gentle soul, who was always ther... (more)
10/28/22 - Rest in peace my baby
This guinea pig was the sweetest play full happy super cute, and an amazing friend. He had to be put down due to slight heartbeat from separation anxiety from his brother passing couple months rest in peace my baby boy.