08/15/19 - My Sweet Girl
I only had you for a short time but you taught my so many things and loved me unconditionally. Please know that you are missed so much and will never be forgotten. Love You So Much, Love You Forever, Love Mommy Kimberly
08/13/19 - Mommas Cassie Girls
My little guard dog I used to call her as when we would sit outside she would lay facing out as on lookout. She was my companion for 15 years and 2 weeks ago we had to say goodby but for ever in my heart.
08/08/19 - Cockatiel
Saffron was my little feathered 'road warrior '. We traveled the US together and he would sit in the front seat and enjoy the view, commenting with a whistle we both shared. I so miss my friend's song and his lovely greeting as my heart hurts everyday. I saw a wren and heard a beautiful song the other day and wonder....
08/02/19 - Our Fur-baby
Hydie was 17 years old, and tried to stay with us as long as she could, but we had to put her down the day before my birthday, the same day our son, her boy, had to fly back home to California. It was a very sad day :( Hydie was the softest cat you would of ever pet, like a rabbit. She was as sweet as she was soft. She was good with other ani... (more)
07/16/19 - my loving Gidget
My sweetest Gidget passed away in my arms, I lost my sweetest friend, I made the difficult choice to let her go. I had her for almost 17 years. She was my work buddy as I work from home and oh how she loved her food. the day she awoke and stared out in space, not drinking or eating and weak in her legs she let me know her day had come. I kno... (more)