02/26/19 - Queen of the House
Cady was a pure breed Mainecoon cat and she knew it! She was the Queen of the house even her Hubby Revy knew it! But she was a sweetheart too and would sit on your lap and purr louder than any cat I know! She is so missed but all we told her before she reached The Rainbow Bridge that my old cat Tootsie and our Malamute Nike would meet her and take ... (more)
02/20/19 - My Beagle
My girl Sasha was my best friend. I had her since she was a puppy and I will always love her. She always brought joy and happiness into my life. She will be missed but never forgotten. Rest In Peace Sasha until I see you again.
01/30/19 - Miss
Abby loved life. Playing with her Frisbee and being with her family and friends was all she needed to be happy. We lost our girl to cancer on 1/12/2019 at the young age of 8 years old. She will forever be in our hearts. Miss you sweet girl.
01/28/19 - My Sweetie
I adopted a pure bred manx cat from the humane society 12 years ago. When I first saw this orange tiger cat I called her sweetie. That was her forever name. She loved to purr and sleep on my bed looking at me upside down She would stare out the window for hours watching birds.
01/21/19 - missing you
Gimli, I found you in November 2006 when you lost your home & were starving. You were sometimes a funny stubborn little brat but always a good boy. You passed away on December 29 2018 and I still look for you in your usual places around the house, No one can fill your place. I miss you. You are not forgotten loved one and never will be.