06/14/22 - Our Lovable Cat
Edgar was our lovable cat. He'd always put his paws around your neck and give you a hug. He has always been the cuddler. He was a sweet cat. He loved his sister, Callie. He passed away in the comfort of his own home while he slept. Losing him was hard, but he's at peace now. He can finally run free. We'll always miss you, Edgar. We love you.
06/06/22 - Remembering Molly
Molly was my Guinea pig who was my companion and work buddy. Living in an apart and working from home she was there everyday right next to me in my office and would keep me company home alone. My wife and I loved her wheeking at us when we came in or had food, it just lightened up our apartment. She will be truly missed but she was so loved!
05/29/22 - Our Sweet Shelbie
Shelbie was a quirky, but sweet dog. Letting her go was hard, but we didn't wanna watch her suffer. You will always be missed, Shelbs. We love you.
05/17/22 - Our Beloved Coco
Coco we are so sorry about you getting sick so fast to fast accidentally We we’re so blessed to have the time with you that we did it was so hard to have you put down and leave you we just wanted to pick you up and take you home with us to go on the long walk’s that you loved so much to give you your favorite treats and oh how you love... (more)
05/13/22 - The Sweetest Boy
When I first met you I knew we were going to be the best of friends. Through camping in North Carolina and Louisiana, beach trips and many endless walks you were my ultimate adventure companion. I will always remember you and your stoic, sometimes aloof, always happy and forever goofy ways. I love you Submariner the Grey.