01/03/20 - He started our Family
Apollo was our first sugar glider, and we were very young and naive when we got him. His dad and I had only been together for three months when we got him, as we barely knew each other. Apollo made us a family, and taught us how to work together, love together, and coexist as a family. Almost four years later, we can honestly say with confidence th... (more)
12/14/19 - Mindy
Mindy was the most amazing fur family member, and we loved her dearly. We rescued her as a newborn puppy and enjoyed every second with her. Dec 4th, at age 15, Mindy suffered her second vestibular disease attack and within days it became clear that she would not recover this time. Our vet referred us to AEC because Mindy was suffering, our vet was ... (more)
11/26/19 - My Beloved Friend Gabby
It’s difficult to put into words what my beloved friend Gabby meant to me and how special she was. I’m very grateful that we got to spend 6 amazing years together and that she lived to be 7 years old. I feel that we were destined to find each other and we made it through many hard times together. It’s incredibly painful to have to... (more)
11/25/19 - Goodbye Teddy Bear
In 2016, I adopted a long haired guinea pig and did not intend to adopt a friend for her right away, but a little Teddy guinea pig came up to me begging for food and nibbling on my finger. I knew then that Michelle (that Teddy) was coming home with me. Michelle didn't live as long as I would have liked, and she had health issues during her shor... (more)
11/18/19 - Miss you Buddy
Buster was the sweetest cat and was a constant companion and buddy for the past 10 years. I will miss your sweets meows and sleeping beside me every night. I still sing my kitty cat songs when I get home and will always remember you.