05/10/22 - Our sweet girl
We will always love you and miss Marley. Definitely missing all the conversations and sassy but sweet ways. Rest easy girl
05/10/22 - The Friendliest Cat
Mister was very sick when we adopted him from the Humane Society at a few months old. He was sneezing blood and we had to keep him in the bathroom with the shower running periodically to help steam his congestion out. Despite this, he was such a perky, friendly kitten. Mister just wanted to be loved. He wasn't like most cats that I've lived wit... (more)
05/08/22 - Sweet dreams.
My sweet boy, I wish you were still here with me. I love you so much my heart is broken not having you here. I know you are no longer suffering or in pain. You were truly the best buddy to me you got me through so much pain and hurt in my life. I will miss you forever and love you too the end of my time.
05/03/22 - Constant companion
Good bye sweet Wendy. I will miss the little nudges to the back of my leg, the crawling under our bed to sleep, the long car rides to NC, the flappity flap of your ears as you shook your head. But most of all I will miss your big brown eyes', and your penchant to be near me at all times. My sincere appreciation to Dr Brink and all who cared for W... (more)
05/02/22 - Our Girl
Leena was our funny little girl, also doing something so goofy. She had so many nicknames - Leener, PP Queen, Peeps, Peepers, Queenie. We will miss her so much! Thank you for helping Leena at the end, and sending us her paw prints.