08/12/22 - My Bestfriend
Baby girl you were my Bestfriend and my most loyal companion for the past 15 years. You were always my side kick. My heart is so empty without you. You bought so much joy to my life and always by my side during hard times, always showed unconditional love. Pearly girl you were so loved , spoiled and lived like a queen. No one knows life without Pea... (more)
08/12/22 - The roar of BABY!
Humphrey aka BABY was the most adorable and gentle syrian hamster. I got him to help my daughter on her anxious in the begging of pandemia. No school, mom every day at home was too much for my little girl. Humphrey brighten our every day in his short life span. He cuddle with us, he was so gentle that he never bite. He wasn't too vocal but if we we... (more)
08/07/22 - Loving Mr. Fritters
Best cat I ever had. Mr. Fritters was such a sweet cat and handsome too. He was a big boy weighing in around 18 pounds when I rescued him. At first he was one of three but he outlived the other two cats. Dr. Nucci remarked that he had a beautiful temperment. The "Mister" had renal disease and advanced arthritis and was on pain pills. Whe... (more)
07/10/22 - HONORED
We were so blessed to have you in our life. You are gone much to soon. You will be forever in our hearts and will be missed every day.
06/21/22 - Baby girl
We are gonna miss you checking on us at night before you go to bed and I'm gonna miss my side kick who was always by my side where ever I went. I am so sorry I couldn't help you get better like i promised you, and bring you home.,but you are not suffering anymore Love you always and miss you so much my dearest chloe.