07/13/19 - Princess Ali
Our hearts were shattered on July 1st when we lost Ali suddenly to a cancerous tumor. We could have never fathomed how devastated we would be without that girl. She had a unique personality and was LOVED by all! She would sneak kisses in without warning! We are blessed to have her brother Alex for comfort. Thank you to the wonderful doctor and... (more)
07/01/19 - Best dog ever
It’s amazing how much a dog can impact your life. Our Sadie was 17 years old when she had a stroke and we lost her. We rescued her when she was two years old. Sweetest dog ever. Gave her love back to us ten-fold. Never knew such unconditional love. Will miss her everyday. So grateful for the time we had together. 6/25/2019
06/10/19 - My Love Bug
Sydney was my beautiful child! Loved her so so much!.She was the last to be born in her litter but she was always first in my heart. Miss her every day, My heart is Breaking. She was a great great dog, never did anything wrong, liked everybody she met.
05/28/19 - Sad Loss
I only had Lucky for about 17 hrs. We got a call from a pet store stating he was dropped off deaf and blind. When I got there we were told a different story that they purchased him like that.... Unfortunately, Lucky was a victim of humans cruelty or over breeding. We will not know his story for sure. What I do know is that running a rescue brings i... (more)
04/19/19 - Life without you
My dearest baby Sassy was 15 years old. She was one of two feral kittens I adopted from the outdoors. Sassy was about 8 weeks old and very sick. Nose runny but still playing with a leaf bigger than her. It was October 2003 and I knew if I did not take her to the Vet she would not make it thru the winter. We nursed her back to health and her and her... (more)