02/13/22 - Choo choo
First-Thank you AEC Novi for your compassion & love. Ruby was a 14 1/2 Shitz zu, brussel griffon mix. She was the light in my life. Ruby was stubborn and loving. She loved to go camping! In her early years, walks were her favorite. I miss her like crazy. Pearl keeps looking for you. She will always have a special place in my heart. Love you bab... (more)
01/24/22 - Owner
My sweet Harley, I will miss you! You were so pretty and had such a sassy attitude at times. I will miss feeding u sunflower seeds...
01/06/22 - Happy times
She was so cute at times she run to me when bell pick on her she run to me so I can know she being mean to her but I got so Close to rosy that it hurt me so this why I’m doing this now I just needed time well yeah I saw her run one last as a Spirit bunny then she just went up so i know now she in a good place
12/06/21 - World's Cutest Hamster
Drewski was the best hamster in the world! Named after the amazing Drew Barrymore, she definitely lived up to the name. She was gentle, sweet, friendly, and playful. She had so many friends including cats and dogs. She liked to hangout with her brother Tito (cat), take walks on a leash, and dress up for holidays. She was the perfect little frien... (more)
12/05/21 - We miss you!
Chipper was the sweetest kitty! We miss her and her buddy, Max, really misses her! Her 18 1/2 year old feral mother is still outside and doing well!