Our Beloved Pureum

Pureum and I shared such a special bond and she’s truly been my best friend for the past year and a half. Her time was short but her enthusiasm for each day was never short lived. Every moment with her was pure joy, seeing her be her derpy and adorable self. She’s the most unique and special hamster I’ve ever met and I’ll never come across any like her.

I love the way she’d go absolutely bonkers whenever I made her a boredom breaker or gave her Mazuri blocks, the hilarious expressions she always had on, her humongous radar ears that could definitely have won the world record for the biggest hamster ears, the way she’d hop around like a bunny and stand in her piglet stance. The list is endless and it’d be impossible for me to include everything. In short, I absolutely love her to pieces.

Countless nights I spent ruminating about how her last moments on earth would go. And although I wish we could’ve had way more time together, I’m so grateful I was able to have some sort of a closure and be with her in her last moments to tell her how much I love her.

She took a huge piece of my heart with her. I told my late hamster Mongshil when she passed a few months ago, to please welcome Pureum with open arms when she joins her in hamster heaven. I’m so glad they have each other now for eternity.

She was loved by so many people online and I’m so grateful for everyone who followed along on her journey on our Instagram page at @younies.hammu.

Pureum, my Mazuri & sand-rolling queen, derp, piglet, mousy, bunny, and frowny gorl, thank you so much for coming into my life. I love and miss you so dearly 🤍