07/12/20 - The Rock to our Roll
We rescued this beautiful boy and her sister, Roll, almost 15 years ago. Later we added his other sister, Mo Mo. He has been such a good boy. While both of his sisters have had medical issues, he's never had any. We always said how easy he was. A few weeks ago he started throwing up and was diagnosed with pancreatitis. He started treatment with foo... (more)
07/12/20 - Little girl
14 years ago I adopted this little kitty that I named Chai. Because she looks like the color of tea. She has provided great comfort to me after we lost her father 13 years ago. This little girl will be dearly missed by everyone in the family and some extended family as well.
07/11/20 - Out Special Monster
Our special little monster Lily Munster was with us for 10 years and added so much joy. She was taken unexpectedly, but in her final moments we were able to say goodbye thanks to the wonderful staff at Animal Emergency Center in Rochester. Thank you for caring for our sweet girl. Your daddies love and miss you, our special little monster.
07/10/20 - Mr. Rudy
Rudy was a very special boy. We rescued him when he was 3. We changed his life as much as he changed ours. He overcame many health issues and when he did everyday was the best day. Rudy welcomed many friends into his life, many that we watched as their families went on vacations. If you knew him you loved him. We lost him 2 weeks ago today and we ... (more)
07/10/20 - Bella Girl
Bella, we will miss your nose nudging morning wakeups and hyper spastic sprints throughout the house. We will forever treasure the memories you left us with. Neighborhood walks will be lonely without you girl!