08/25/23 - My Tully
On Aug. 21st I has to take my Tully to AEC of Rochester for what I thought was a bacterial infection. Never did I imagine that I would be walking out of there without my Tully. If you have ever watched “Firefly Lane” then you know my Tully’s personality. She was sassy, fully of spunk, and because of her past upbringing had trust ... (more)
07/31/23 - My Sweet BabyGirl
My sweet baby girl died on July 19th around 5 pm on the way to the emergency center at the corner of Beck Road and Grand River. She was there since my early 20’s through all my ups and downs and was a constant in my life. My baby always said hi to people first and gave free cat hugs. She was sweet gentle friendly silly and a big foodie. I mis... (more)
07/12/23 - My Soul Bun 🐰🤍
Gnocchi was a kind and gentle bunny boy. He was with me through so many hard times, and was always there to cheer me up. I miss him so much; my home feels empty without him. I loved hearing him bound up the stairs with his little paws, and the way he would jump on the couch to distract me from work. Rest in peace, bubs.
06/03/23 - Busy Bee
On May 27th our family had to say our goodbye's and see you later's to our baby girl Blizzy. Blizzy played her heart out till her very last day and our family couldn't have asked for a better pet/friend/loved one. A piece of our heart forever lives in puppy heaven with our Bizzy girl and we hope she is watching over her besty, Syrus♡ Our family i... (more)
05/06/23 - Whiskers
We took Whiskers in October of 2022, he was eating on our back porch and he didn’t hear me walk up on him so I knew he couldn’t hear very good and when he looked at me the one eye was foggy so I knew he couldn’t see very good. My wife and I took whiskers to the vet to get checked out before we brought him into our house because we... (more)