09/23/22 - Our Beautiful Girl
Our beautiful Midnight Solstice came into our lives, scared hungry, pregnant & very sick. We found out she was pregnant--we cried--found out if she delivered her kittens she would die & in fact, she already had lost 2. That's why she was so sick. We cred again. She was so young and sweet. We took care of what we needed to do to save her. Sh... (more)
09/22/22 - Loved
Zuri was l smart. Spoiled and full of love. She will be missed so much. We had 11 wonderful years with her.
09/16/22 - Ms.
So lucky Gracie adopted us! There will never ever be another with her unique calls, mannerisms & sweet birdie kisses. Our beautiful girl is free to fly anywhere now! We'll miss her terribly until we are together "somewhere over the rainbow!!!" M,D &G
09/05/22 - Goodbye, Hammy
Hammy, I’m absolutely heartbroken. I remember going to the store in the middle of a January blizzard in 2020 to go get you. I picked you because you looked like an Oreo cookie, so naturally I named you Oreo-Darwin. It only took a few days for everyone to start calling you “Ham”. You may have kept me up at night, running mile... (more)
08/20/22 - The goodest boy…
Trooper you were the goodest boy. So sweet and loving. You always had time for everyone in our family and our days are lacking your awesome gentle loving personality since you have been gone. Thank you for being our family member and for bringing love and light wherever you went. We miss you terribly.