09/10/20 - 09-03-20
She was 13 years old. She has been around as long as I can remember and a small piece of me thought she would be around forever. I'll never forget how kind and caring she was to us. May she rest in peace.
09/08/20 - Our Maggie
Our sweet Maggie came into our lives in January, 2007 (born 11.24.06) and changed us forever. She was our first baby and such a good girl with our sons. She was gentle and loving and so, so funny. She cracked us up with her little antics; she had the best personality! Maggie was patient and so tuned in to her humans. Even in her final hours, she wa... (more)
09/02/20 - Braylee Girl
Braylee was a little over 11. And had been dealing with some health issues, I guess her older age she just couldn't heal the same. We had to make the VERY hard decision to out her down as she was not living the life she deserved. Braylee loved people, loved being the center of attention. From an early age Braylee always challenged us. As a pupp... (more)
08/26/20 - Baby Girl
Brandi, we miss the patter of your footsteps when you come downstairs in the morning. We miss you letting us know when it's time to go to bed and our nighttime routine; a few treats, then under the covers. I hug my pillow every night and remember how comforting you were. You were a beautiful ladylike girl, even royal looking, as you rested on th... (more)
08/12/20 - In loving memory
I can't begin to explain how much joy my sugar glider Crystal brought to my life. Can't believe she was almost 8, seems like she's been through everything with me. I can remember when she first came home so small and was so ready to explore her new home. I've always been an animal fanatic but nothing could've prepared me for how strong of a bond I'... (more)