03/30/20 - Love to Leo ????
This is a tribute to my most loving and faithful four legged son, Leo. I Had absolutely no idea what I was getting into when I rescued you. I thought I was saving you, But you save me instead. You were (are) the most gentle, loving and wise soul. It has been challenging to live without you by my side these past months but I take comfort int t... (more)
03/22/20 - Simba, the orange menace
Simba was born in 2003. For the first year of his life he lived with an elderly woman. After that he would go live with her granddaughter until he reached the age of sixteen. Simba was the best looking ginger cat, he was always told so. He was very friendly and affectionate he knew how to care for his humans; he would lick the tears away if you cri... (more)
02/25/20 - Our sweet girl
Our Millie was a rescue puppy. She was only about 8 weeks old when she came to live with us 12 years ago. She graced our life with unconditional love and she had such a fun and unique personality. She loved ice and stealing chewing gum😉. She trotted instead of running and she loved going places with us. We miss her very much. So grateful th... (more)
02/17/20 - Mr
Pugsley graced our presence 15 years ago when he showed up in our neighbor’s field at just a few days old with his two siblings. This sweet boy became an integral member of our family, proving to be a true leader of our pack. As witnessed in the pictures he still had plenty of time to watch TV With a favorite human. He is sorely missed But... (more)
02/12/20 - Mommy's Babt
Mommy's little baby Where do I begin? Mia you are the light of my life. You weren't just my pet you are my baby. You are my world. You meant everything to me when you came to me in 2008. From the rescue When I saw you that first day, I knew you were the one for me. I knew we were going to have a wonderful life together and you gave me that 12 full ... (more)