06/01/21 - Cat
I adopted Ruby from my sister right after my mother died. Her cat had a liter of kittens and I got first pick. Being 12 years old, I was very excited. I picked the prettiest one. A calico, with all the most beautiful prints. Ruby helped me heal during my grieving period after losing my mom. I moved in with my dad into a new home, a new school, and ... (more)
05/31/21 - Nibbles the Guinea Pig
Nibbles was a 5 year old piggy. He was my first ever pet and I grew up with him. He loved to eat and would always steal his brother’s snacks. Spike misses you Nibs. He also only liked the little flowers in the hay and he wouldn’t eat the grass part but that was the only thing he was picky about. We miss your constant squeaks and chatter... (more)
05/28/21 - Our special baby boy!
Our Doogie was the light of our lives. We rescued him and he showed us how much he loved us for ten and a half years. He was a talker, a snuggler and so much more. Our hearts are broken without you. Praying you’re enjoying your friends over the rainbow bridge!
05/24/21 - Perrys Life
Perry was such an amazing bird, my first exotic pet. i watched her turn out of her shell into an amazing bird. her loss was the hardest for me ever. i loved her as if she was my actual child. her loss still hurts me so much. i will never forget the day i bought her, or even begged my family to allow me to get her. she was the sweetest bird i had. i... (more)
05/20/21 - dearest vinnie
Our beloved Vinnie passed away in my lap May 2, fOur hearts re broken, and I never think it will mend, rest in peace my dear friend you are always with us