03/07/23 - Mocha, I will always love you!
Mocha, you are so special to my heart and you always will be! I miss you so much and I hope you are having a really fun time in rainbow heaven where you get to eat hay all day long.
03/06/23 - Forever my Girl
My dear sweet Kandi Marie left our family on 1/27/2023. Kandi was born August 2009 & came home to me October 15, 2009 a beautiful shih tzu mix. She provided our family with so much love, laughs, & protection. There will never be another sweet girl like her. We held her as she crossed the rainbow bridge, taking our hearts with her.
03/03/23 - Our longtime friend
We said goodbye to our beloved Jack Russell, Shelby 2/16/23. She was a sweet, friendly, loving dog. She was a feisty and loyal companion, and I’m her later years a role model and mother figure for our young pup Zoe. We had a wonderful 18 years with Shelby. She will be greatly missed and we will always remember the long time we shared with h... (more)
02/22/23 - Always in Our Hearts
Lucas was a loving, yet always anxious boy. He was a great security dog, who made sure we were all aware of anyone walking by or voices signifying the mere presence of people in the area. He was very smart and figured out routines rather quickly. He loved his family, his dog sister Lucy, and our neighbors, who would let Lucas come over to their ho... (more)
02/12/23 - My Friend
My friend of 11 year LAYLA. She brought so much joy to our house. She was my big friend,mama’s baby, Chicky we could have not ask for friend. The love she showed the compassion. She could bring you out of sadness. She was the boss and a sassy one at that. The older she got she knew it. The laughs we had at her braking for no reason. Just so w... (more)