03/07/21 - THANK YOU SO MUCH for all kindness!
Thank you so much for all the kindness shown to us when it became time to help our Basset Hound Arthur cross over the Rainbow Bridge when his cancer took over. It was a busy night & I know this sort of appointment is something the staff & vets deal with routinely. However, AEC made us feel like me, my husband and our beloved dog were the o... (more)
03/05/21 - TIP
Tootsies was our family dog. We have so many great memories with her and we will never forget them. She always sat at the door waiting for Lilly to come home, and she would sleep outside Lilly's bedroom door waiting for Lilly to wake up and give her love. Last week of Tootsies' life was very hard seeing her in pain and not wanting to play or eat, b... (more)
03/04/21 - Loved
Our barb was honestly the one pet that was most like me. Hated people wanted to be left alone and slept all the time. I’ll forever miss her tiny old lady ways.
03/02/21 - Missing our Companions
Jala and Joya, Beloved family and companions for over 17 years, we are missing you and our hearts are so deeply sad at our loss of you within a month of each other. Praying that you two have found your "dad/friend" Otter as you crossed the rainbow bridge and met others of your family too. Please come and visit us, with your sweet purr ... (more)
02/20/21 - My little rattie
Gus was almost 2 years old. He was the sweetest boy who loved his kisses and snuggles. I loved him from the bottom of my heart, and I will miss him so much