Nov 2017 - AEC Novi Pet Expo Animal Emergency Center will be out at the Novi Pet Expo at the Suburban Collection Showplace this week Friday, Saturday and Sunday November 10,11,12. Come by our booth... (more)
May 2016 - World Turtle Day! World Turtle Day - May 23rd TURTLES!!! How amazing are these animals. To celebrate World Turtle Day, here are some fun facts you may or may not know about... (more)
May 2016 - Clicker Training: How to Get Started What is Clicker training? Clicker training is a quick, easy and fun way to communicate and train your animal. The clicker is used to... (more)
Apr 2016 - What's your Diagnosis? "Snowball" Case Summary: Snowball is an 18 year old FS DSH that presented to Animal Emergency Center for vomiting of one day duration and change in respiratory pattern... (more)
Apr 2016 - AEC Rochester 10 Year Anniversary! AEC Rochester's first case ever was April 10th, 2006.  We saw only one patient that evening, an avian egg dystocia case, but things took off after that.... (more)
Mar 2016 - Keeping your Pet Safe and Healthy with Flea and Tick Prevention Fleas are parasites that feed on blood meals from your dog or cat. When they bite, it causes severe itching in your pet. With... (more)
Mar 2016 - What is Positive Reinforcement? The most popular question I am asked is, what is positive reinforcement? People wonder, how on earth will positive reinforcement fix my bad dog? They question... (more)
Feb 2016 - Reptile of the Month: The Ball Python! Ball Pythons are awesome snakes that are a great pet. They are smaller than most of the rest of the pythons and boas, only growing to about 3 feet... (more)