Sep 2015 - AEC Proudly Welcomes Dr. Sarah Schroeder, Emergency & Critical Care DVM Dr. Sarah Schroeder has joined AEC as a full time emergency and critical care doctor. She is a 2014 graduate of Michigan... (more)
Aug 2015 - AEC's Dr. Ellen LaFramboise helps fill need for in-home veterinary hospice care AEC's Dr. Ellen LaFramboise recently opened Crossroads Veterinary Hospice.During her years in the ER, she has... (more)
Jul 2015 - Congratulations Carri! Congratulations to AEC technician Carri Underwood for recently completing her ultrasound certification!Carri earned her Advanced Imaging Certificate of Completion from... (more)
Jul 2015 - AEC Proudly Welcomes Dr. Jessica Chronowski, Emergency & Critical Care DVM Dr. Jessica Chronowski is a 2015 graduate of Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine. She has joined... (more)
Apr 2015 - Meet Fuzz! Fuzz is a 5 year old, male, Ball Python (Python regius). He was an excellent feeder, eating 1-2 large thawed frozen mice every week. Fuzz acutely stopped eating, even though there... (more)
Mar 2015 - New Blood Donor, Dot! Meet Dot! Dot volunteered to come in for a blood donor screening at AEC and was qualified as a "universal blood donor"! Only 1 dog in 15 are universal donors. YEA DOT!!... (more)
Jan 2015 - Dr. Barb Easton (Vet Vision) coming to AEC Novi Dr. Barb Easton will begin seeing ophthalmology patients by appointment at AEC's Novi hospital location. Beginning this February appointments... (more)
Nov 2014 - AEC Proudly Welcomes Dr. Dan Hughes, Emergency & Critical Care DVM Dr. Dan Hughes is a 2011 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine that has "bravely" relocated to... (more)