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03/07/15 - AEC Novi

The staff at AEC Novi was absolutely outstanding in an awful time in our lives. Our 10 month old golden retriever was in rough shape after eating a nylon sock that wouldn't pass. To compound the problem, a small piece of plastic had pierced his intestines. The vets succinctly conveyed the pros and cons of surgery and the tough road Jax would face. After an extremely tough surgery, Jax pulled through and slowly recuperated under AEC's care. We were able to visit Jax as much as his health allowed, and the staff called us with updates regularly.

Thanks to the excellent skills of the vets, techs, and support staff Jax is now a healthy dog living a full, normal life. We cannot be more appreciative of AEC for them saving our fur baby. - Jax's Owner [Avg. Score: 5.0