Animal Emergency Center cares about the pets and families that come to our hospital. We continuously try to maintain an excellent level of veterinary service through a modern, clean and caring environment and the medical treatment we provide. You can help us maintain our high standards by sharing your experience. Completing this questionnaire will help us discover areas of improvement where we can focus and take action. Thank you for your time and your thoughts.

Please consider the following questions : 1 (Needs Improvement) to 5 (Excellent):
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How efficient and polite was the person who answered your phone call?
How were you greeted when you checked in at the front desk?
How long was your wait in the lobby and exam room before seeing a doctor?
Was the facility clean, comfortable and pleasant smelling?
Was the staff friendly, informative and responsive?
Was the veterinarian friendly, confident, polite and knowledgeable?
How was the manner in which the veterinarian explained your pet's condition and treatment?
How thorough was the explanation of available treatment options in helping you make a fully informed decision about your pet's care?
Was the staff helpful in explaining the discharge instructions thoroughly and completely?
Do you feel our staff shared genuine care and compassion for your family and your pet?

Your satisfaction is very important to us. We appreciate any comments, criticisms or suggestions that will help us to improve our level of service.

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If you like, feel free to upload a photo of your pet along with your comments.