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05/30/23 - AEC Rochester

Bob is a little scrappy 13 pound Shih Tzu Brussel griffon mix. Let’s just say his body is definitely more sensitive than his swagger. He had to go to AEC on memorial day because he was in really bad shape. After he was home and taking meds, I was worried about his breathing. I called Cathy more than once and she was so patient and kind. Then I had to come in after midnight because he had not urinated in over 36 hours. Amanda was phenomenal. Not only did she make Bobby feel calm and comfortable, before doing anything invasive she decided to remove his cone and take him outside. She was able to get him to urinate quite a bit! I was so very very, very grateful. Apparently he has the fear of the cone! Amanda sincerely cared about Bobbi. And Cathy sincerely, cared about me. These people are so amazing being available 24/7 for fur baby parents. I’m so very grateful!
- Bob's Owner [Avg. Score: 5.0