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04/18/21 - AEC Rochester

I was very happy with the care and treatment of my beloved sun conure Loki who was just not acting like himself after flying into a door. It's very hard to find avian vets especially ones that are open on the weekend and do emergency care. Dr.Robertson and staff were absolutely amazing, and so kind. I felt comfortable even with the added restrictions of not being able to follow my "pet" into the building because of COVID-19 leaving Loki in their care.I was kept upto date on all of his care and made aware of all his treatment options. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone who has a bird. Thank you all so much for taking such great care of my little guy.
The wait time was quite long, just over two hours, but their FAQ page explains why this is happening, well worth the wait to have a healthy bird and peace of mind. - Ashley, Loki's mom [Avg. Score: 4.9