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03/15/21 - AEC Rochester

AEC comment: Mr. Branier, I have read your review and Hunter's medical record. I am sorry you are displeased with our service. I empathize with you wanting to have your cat seen and taken care of immediately, and I truly understand that. However, in emergency medicine we also need to triage and care for the most critical patients first. Sunday mornings are one of our busiest times. Our second doctor arrives at noon to perform procedures and help with hospitalized patients. Hunter was found to have a 2 cm by 1 cm full thickness laceration to the left of his tail base just above his prepuce. This wound was believed to be over 12 hours old on presentation because you had noted it occurred the night before bringing him in. Blood was also noted on his paw, but no wound was present. We recommended general anesthesia to clip, clean, debride and repair the wound. Concern was noted due to its close proximity to his prepuce. Initially you declined and just wanted to take Hunter home. Then, you decided for Hunter to stay. He was given pain medications and the staff was prepared to go when the window opened for him to be taken to surgery. Unfortunately, other more critical cases came in and Hunter's procedure was pushed back several times, because he was stable. You were given an update by our doctor at 5:30pm and were told we had to do an emergency surgery on a dog that was bleeding into his abdomen. At 7:00pm when you called you were very angry that surgery had not occurred. Again, I understand. The doctor again spoke to you to say that the dog that was bleeding was being carried out of surgery and as soon as it was recovered and the surgery room was cleaned we would take Hunter to surgery. She quoted you approximately 45 minutes and he would be in the surgery room. At that time you declined us taking Hunter to surgery and just wanted to take him home. I apologize for your wait, but we need to care for those pets that aren't stable first. We do the best we can to care for all of our patients to the best of our ability. We are not going to rush and hurry through procedures just to get them done. We believe in quality care. I hope your regular veterinarian was able to see Hunter and was able to care for his wound. I wish you the best in the future. Sincerely, Dr. Heather Robertson

Reviewer comment: Took my cat with a slice in her abdomen a d cut paw..(fight with wild animal).. here at 8 am. Was told she would be done in 1 1/2 hours and would be next..called at noon had not been seen yet...called at 2pm not seen..5pm not seen called at 730 not seen I finally pick her up did not flush the wound or start her on antibiotics 10 hours later I had to ask for antibiotics and pain meds to go home with...Good luck...Never Again! - Hunter's Owner [Avg. Score: 1.2