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01/03/20 - AEC Novi

I would like to say Thank You for the wonderful service you provided to my pet and myself during a very difficult time. I had never received care from you before and when my cat, Bella, started having seizures the night before Thanksgiving, you were there to help care for her. We had to make the decision to put her down that night, something I have never had to do before as she was my first pet, but the care and compassion I received from your clinic made this sad time a little better. I was blown away with how calmly and compassionately Dr. Katelynn Youatt talked with me about my options, how caring the staff was, and how humane and loving the end was. I work in healthcare and rarely see the level of outstanding customer service that you guys provided. I walked away knowing that my cat felt loved and died in dignity. I know putting down a family pet is not an easy part of your job, but I am grateful that you were the ones who provided this care. You are an amazing clinic and I would highly recommend you to anyone. Extra thanks for the sympathy card and mementos after Bella's passing. - Bella's Owner [Avg. Score: 4.7