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03/16/18 - AEC Novi

The care we received for our red factor canary, Cicero, was fantastic. The knowledge and understanding of the needs of this little exotic were beyond what we could have hoped for.

I was unable to get an appointment with our regular vet and was nervous going to someone we didn't know. But we never felt like strangers. From the moment we walked in the door we felt welcome, like family.

Not only did they take immediate and thoughtful care of Cicero, they took the time to check on my husband and myself during the four hours it took to render the care Cicero needed.

Thank you Dr. Kleefisch, Amanda and Edith. Your expert care and thoughtfulness were very much appreciated. I am happy to report, Cicero is perky and chirpy, and eating well less than 24 hrs. post treatment. - Cicero's Owner [Avg. Score: 5.0