Electrocution - Rabbits and young pups are sometimes found to have chewed through an electrical cord resulting in self electrocution. You may or may not see wounds on your pets lips... (more)
Over the Counter Medications - Many human medications are not safe to use in your pet. Some of the most commonly given human medications (Motrin, Tylenol and aspirin) are very toxic... (more)
Active Bleeding - Should your pet become injured and start to bleed, apply a clean cloth to the sight of bleeding and apply pressure. Maintain pressure until the bleeding stops or... (more)
Vomiting - If your pet vomits once or twice during the day, food and water should be withheld from your pet for the remainder of the day. If there is no additional vomiting offer... (more)
Ocular Foreign Body or Scratch - Eye issues are always emergencies, requiring immediate veterinary care. Should your pet get sprayed in the eyes with any type of chemical, get a bug... (more)
Difficulty Breathing - If your pet develops difficulty breathing, carefully open its mouth and look for any foreign objects. Sometimes rawhide bones, chew sticks, small toys or other... (more)
Hit by Moving Vehicle - If your pet is hit by a moving vehicle seek immediate veterinary care. Should active bleeding occur, please treat bleeding as noted . Even if no obvious injuries... (more)