Hillary joined AEC in 2016 as a receptionist, and has since moved up to become a veterinary assistant. Her goal is to become a licensed veterinary technician and to continue to work with veterinary emergency and critical care patients.

Ever since Hillary was a little girl she has always had a love for animals, big and small, and she has always aspired to be in the veterinary industry. Prior to joining AEC Hillary worked in Oklahoma as a veterinary receptionist at a small animal hospital, and also as an assistant at a hospital that saw large animal patients.

"When I began working in the fast paced emergency setting at AEC, I thrived off the need for speed in order to help all the animals that required care. I fell in love with the environment! You never know what is coming through the door, and the staff is always prepared and willing to handle any and all patients that need help. Now that I am an assistant, I absolutely adore being able to be hands on and responsible for a patient's care.  It is not always easy, but it has a reward that you can't receive any other way."

Hillary enjoys being able to learn and work with all kinds of animals and then go home to tell her daughter about all the different kinds of animals she saw that day. Her daughter is quickly becoming an animal lover just like her momma!

Hillary has an 8-year old lab mix named Leia and a little dwarf hamster named Beyonce. Leia was rescued in Oklahoma and now her daughter and Leia are like two peas-in-a-pod!  Beyonce is also a rescue - she was found outside in critical condition and brought to AEC for care. She was nursed back to health and recovered quickly. However, she still suffered from some neurological symptoms of unknown origin that result in her only being able to get around by turning to the left, hence her name! She is doing very well despite her past, is now able to walk in a straight line, and is dearly loved!