Aug 2015 - AEC's Dr. Ellen LaFramboise helps fill need for in-home veterinary hospice care

AEC's Dr. Ellen LaFramboise recently opened Crossroads Veterinary Hospice.

During her years in the ER, she has seen a need from her clients for improved end of life care and support. Many patients can benefit from hospice care including those with cancer, organ failure, debilitating neurologic conditions and even chronic pain from osteoarthritis. Pet parents benefit from guidance and support through the difficult decisions they face. Each hospice consultation starts with 2-3 hours of discussion with the family in the comfort of their own home. From this, we develop a palliative plan focusing on comfort and quality of life, tailored to each individual family.

Dr. LaFramboise is also available for in-home euthanasia for pets. She strives to make this a personal and peaceful experience for each family. Dr Ellen says "Families have thanked me for the positive memories that I have created for them in their pet's passing. I feel honored to be able to provided this service to them."

You can reach Dr. Ellen for referral or consult at (734)751-0594. You can also visit her website at