Oct 2014 - Meet Angelo!

Angelo is a "mini pig" who was a recent patient at AEC. He came to see us because he was experiencing seizures, which we diagnosed as due to water toxicosis. Yes, too much water can be harmful to anyone...

If excessive amounts of water are taken in during a short period of time, the kidneys may not be able to process it quickly enough. Water dilutes the bloodstream and is carried to other cells which swell to accommodate the excess water. Brain cells don't have the room to expand like other cells, and this scenario may produce symptoms of headache, vomiting or disorientation. In more severe cases, it can cause seizuring or respiratory arrest. This condition may even be fatal under some circumstances.

In Angelo's case, we provided fluid therapy to balance his electrolytes and he is doing much better now. We are all in love with our little patient. Mini pigs are very personable, highly intelligent, and lots of fun. Doesn't he look great dressed up for Halloween!!!