Apr 2011 - Dogs in Tragic Novi House FiresOn two separate occasions in the past year, Animal Emergency Center has helped pet loving families in Novi who lost their homes due to tragic house fires.

Unfortunately, in the first incident the family's dogs were unable to escape the fire and AEC was only able to donate mortuary services.

The second family's pets had a better outcome, but not without cause for concern. All 4 of the family dogs suffered from smoke inhalation, and one of the dogs had also been injured while being rescued from the home by firemen. Animal Emergency Center has donated over $6000 in medical care for their hospitalization and treatment. All the dogs are recovering and will be fine.

We are proud to serve our communities, and thankful for the acknowledgement of our efforts by the City of Novi, but we need your support to keep helping the increasing number of pets whose owner's cannot afford to pay for life saving care in an emergency.

If you would like to make a donation to help with medical care costs for the pets of these families (and others), consider making a contribution to the Heart to Heart Fund. For more information go to: heart-2-hearts.org or simply make a secure donation using Paypal: