Warm / Cold Weather Hazards

Every year pets are impacted by seasonal change and items that we use around the home. Many things may seem perfectly harmless to you, but could hurt a beloved pet. Please watch out for these potential hazards:

Warm Weather Hazards

  • Other animals that may be toxic: snakes, insects, spiders, toads and scorpions (if they are found in your area)
  • Blue-green algae in ponds
  • Citronella candles
  • Cocoa mulch
  • Compost piles, fertilizers
  • Flea products
  • Outdoor plants and plant bulbs
  • Swimming-pool treatment chemicals and supplies
  • Fly baits containing methomyl
  • Slug and snail baits containing metaldehyde
  • Mole bait
  • Fishing hooks, bait, line (especially fishy smelling items!)

Cold Weather Hazards

  • Antifreeze
  • Ice melting products
  • Rat and mouse bait