Life without you

My dearest baby Sassy was 15 years old. She was one of two feral kittens I adopted from the outdoors. Sassy was about 8 weeks old and very sick. Nose runny but still playing with a leaf bigger than her. It was October 2003 and I knew if I did not take her to the Vet she would not make it thru the winter. We nursed her back to health and her and her adopted Sister Gabby began to get to know each other, that was very active time in our home. Sassy was my last baby and losing her broke my heart. It has been since early March and I still cry everyday. I cannot put her belongings away because I cannot live without her. So with her toys out and favorite blankets I feel she is still with us. She had such an adorable personality. She was gentle and kind. If she sat with me for awhile she made sure to sit with my husband, almost so not to hurt feelings. She was precious and my life will never be as bright without her. "A Million Words Would Not Bring You Back. I Know Because I've Tried. Neither Would A Million Tears, I Know Because I've Cried". Love and Miss you forever, Mom & Dad Mc.