My Tully

On Aug. 21st I has to take my Tully to AEC of Rochester for what I thought was a bacterial infection. Never did I imagine that I would be walking out of there without my Tully. If you have ever watched “Firefly Lane” then you know my Tully’s personality. She was sassy, fully of spunk, and because of her past upbringing had trust issues, and didn’t know how to love or receive it. a month after I rescued her we became inseparable, she knew she was loved and loved back. I miss hearing her scream “ mama” when she needed me to come in the room, I miss her climbing down her cage and following me around the house, I miss singing and dancing with her. She was a human soul trapped in a birds body is the best way to explain her. I will forever miss her and my heart is broken. Thank you Rochester AEC for your comfort that terrible night, and doing everything you could for her.