12/05/16 - Heart Broken
On November 26th, our sweet Sugar fell ill. We took her in and found out that she had a brain tumor. It was sudden and it was horrible, her sister Smokey had been suffering from breast cancer for 6 months and we were avoiding having to put her down. We were expecting to come home with at least one of them, but we had to put them both down. I know t... (more)
11/02/16 - My sweet Benny boo
All I can say is that he was a wonderful friend and I loved him so much and it's hard not having him next to me anymore. I love you Benny my sweet Iggy....I will never ever forget you. Someday I hope to hold you again. Love you always?my sweet Boo Boo!
10/28/16 - Gone too soon!
Bentley passed away unexpectedly at the age of seven. He was a dear part of our family, and will be missed tremendously. He certainly had a "BIG" personality to go along with his 90# body. He made us laugh with his antics every day. He loved sunshine and lights, and would pounce on the reflection his dogs tags made in the light for 30... (more)
10/24/16 - My Super Hero !
I adopted Wayne and his sister Sabrina two years ago and brought them home to meet their big brother Brett. From that first meeting Wayne allowed me to scratch/rub his head. Sabrina and Brett became a couple and from that day forward I became Wayne's Official Preener, head scratcher and Companion. Wayne wouldn't sit on my shoulder, ever, he perche... (more)
09/29/16 - To My Best Friend...
Sobek was a 6 year old, 5 foot long, 15 pound female West African Nile Monitor (Varanus Niloticus) from Senegal. While most Nile Monitors are defensive and do not like people, Sobek was different and came to love being handled and socialized with her family and friends. She was an ambassador for many to the world of intelligent reptiles and liked k... (more)