06/06/17 - Sweet Lacey
My sweet Lacey came to me 2 years and 3 months ago. The rescue gave her 3 months. She had been in multiple neglectful homes. Lacey was the sweetest little yorkie. She owned my heart. She had many different health issues and we took each one on . Unfortunately when she went blind and deaf earlier this year, it really seemed hard for her to adju... (more)
05/19/17 - Rest in peace Baby
My baby Sugar had to be put down due to cancer. I had her for four years. When I was having a hard time, she made me so happy. I loved getting kisses from her. We had a bond that I can't explain. When I would let her outside to eat some grass she would run around the house and I would chase after her. I had so much fun with her and I wish it didn't... (more)
05/13/17 - Brinkley
Brinkley was our beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog who was with us for 12 years. He brought so much joy to our lives. We got him when we were first married, so he was our first "baby". He had a leak in his heart, which he had for the last 4 years. He stayed strong until the very end. We miss him dearly. We miss his sweet face, wag... (more)
05/11/17 - The Rescue
The best little tuxedo cat in the world. Her mom started showing up on our deck in early May looking for food. Being cat owners we gladly fed her and she would return daily. One day I said to my husband I think she either is pregnant or nursing but if she has babies I haven't seen them. The next day we woke up in the morning to noise on our deck an... (more)
05/04/17 - Patti
Easter weekend we had to put our 13 and a half yellow lab girl Zoey down. I called my regular vet and being a Saturday, they were very busy.. Told me to go to AEC in Rochester. I was bummed...going thru this was hard enough but now to go to a new place... Well, my husband took her there, and it was very quiet and the vet was wonderful! Very lovi... (more)