07/20/17 - Sweet Girl
I purchased to Guineas for my grand daughter. We named them Sophia and Zoey. Well shortly after bringing them home Zoey started to gain weight. As it turns out Sophia was actually a male who is now named Lenny. Zoey had 4 babies, 2 little girls and 2 boys. Gypsy was one of her off springs. I think that is one of the reasons she was so special to us... (more)
07/10/17 - Rest in Peace
Lucy will be missed dearly for she was the sweetest cat whom loved everyone. The staff did everything they could to save Lucy but unfortunately it was too late. They did everything in their power and showed much heartfelt compassion towards us and our extended family member Lucy. You shall be always loved and missed Lucy.
06/27/17 - Best Boy Ever!!!!
We got Max when he was 3 years old. He loved to play fetch with a over sized tennis ball, and was crazy for dog cookies, and pizza crusts. He was the most loyal dog you could ask for, always waiting for me to go to bed, and always on the lookout protecting his house and family! As he grew, he always loved to go on walks and became a strong swimme... (more)
06/06/17 - My Sweet Girl
Two weeks ago on 5/24/17 I had to let my little Miss Minnie go. She was my Mom's kitty, I took her and her brother Mickey into our home when my Mom passed away in 2008. They have brought nothing but joy. Minnie loved to cuddle on my lap and nuzzle under our chins to get kisses on her head. She always needed to be near me, meowing if she couldn't fi... (more)
06/06/17 - Sweet Lacey
My sweet Lacey came to me 2 years and 3 months ago. The rescue gave her 3 months. She had been in multiple neglectful homes. Lacey was the sweetest little yorkie. She owned my heart. She had many different health issues and we took each one on . Unfortunately when she went blind and deaf earlier this year, it really seemed hard for her to adju... (more)