04/11/18 - Mommy's little girl
Our dog Lacey lived to be 19 years and 8 months. She lived so long because she had the best of everything. Filtered water, high quality food, supplements for when she got sick, and most importantly, a record amount of love. She loved going to the fast food drive through because she loved getting a good smell of the restaurant. She was never really ... (more)
03/30/18 - Our cherished boy
Our cherished dog Lucky was very ill. AEC was 100 percent compassionate from the moment we walked in the door until we took our baby home to lay him to rest. The receptionist all the way up to the doctor were so caring and wonderful. While we miss him terribly, we know we provided him the best care possible by taking him to AEC.
03/16/18 - Molly
The hardest thing I ever had to do was to let you go! We love you Molly!!
03/09/18 - Redtail hawk was your spi
P.j. was a rescue I adopted around 3 years ago. He had never been around other birds. I was hoping over time he would become a mate to my female cockatiel but nothing became of that. He would always sing and talk to her but not mate. Pj did not like physical contact but he was started to let me scratch his head a little. He loved my daughter..... (more)
02/20/18 - Our Chezzy
Our little man was the joy in our hearts. Everyone loved Sanchez! He not only put a smile on our faces everyday with his unique woo woo woo howl when he was excited about something, but he took care of his side kick, Carlito, our bulldog. They were inseparable! Everyday he made it his job to make sure Carlito's face was clean and they played, s... (more)