02/03/16 - Kirby my buddy
My beloved Bichon of 13 yrs got his angel wings on 1/30/16. He was a devoted buddy who loved skittles and his hedgehog toys. He loved the snow even with his arthritis he would burry his head and burrow under the snow. The employees at the Rochester Animal Hospital were so nice in this difficult time. Thank you! Love you to pieces Kirbs! You are ... (more)
01/26/16 - You will be missed
We rescued sweet pea a bearded dragon a year ago. she was our first Bearded Dragon so we had a lot to learn.Never thought we would have a reptile. We fell in love with her. My husband found her in a pile of wood in Texas around Feb. and it was very cold. someone either let her go or she escaped. We gave her a great home. She was very loved and she ... (more)
01/24/16 - In Loving Memory Always
Stormy was a feeder rat at age 3 weeks back on January 1, 2015 when I found her. Or rather, she found me. I took her in with no experience or knowledge about rats. I hand fed her, kept her warmed, talked with her while spending all my time with her for her well being. She thrived and in return gave me love back. She would sit on my shoulder and cha... (more)
01/20/16 - My best buddy
Thank you all at Animal Emergency Center . A special thanks to those that worked with me and Hollywood. When life is out of control you were there to help us through. nikolas louca
01/04/16 - Our baby, my heart,
You were the best gift I have ever been given. You came into our lives a tiny little jack russell fellow with sweet eyes and such a loving heart. We named you Maxwell Radar Kenny. You were our smallest family member and you were loved.. so very loved. You were with us exactly 3 months and 1 day past your 14th birthday. Every day with you was a gift... (more)