04/01/16 - Our Beloved Friend
Diesel was our family best friend for 15 years. He helped us raise two daughters and a son. When the time finally came that we knew our buddy was getting tired and couldn't go on anymore, I contacted AEC in Rochester. The staff went above and beyond and was so kind to us as we made the difficult decision that it was best that our Diesel crosses the... (more)
03/30/16 - Furever in Our Hearts ??????
Butters the Beagle Mix was born in August of 2004, and I rescued him from a shelter in Oxford in November of the same year. He completed my Dog Trio and was the youngest of his two brothers, Cooper and Eddie, two other Rescue Dogs. Butters was an absolute sweetheart, and loved to chase his brothers around. He had the softest ears and cutest little ... (more)
03/18/16 - Shereen Janisse
My little Bella had never been sick in 7 years, then one night she come inside after her last wee of the night coughing and hacking. I thought dhe had swollowed s ometjing and was trying to get it out. After a few minutes she dyopped and we went to bed. She woke ip coughing again tje next morning and contunued throughout the day, which was Sunda... (more)
02/27/16 - Dear Thea,
Dearest Thea, Her life with me began on Dec. 23, 1999 and our life together ended on Jan. 31, 2016. She live on in memory and spirit. As time moves further away from the time you passed, I continue to grieve the absence of your companionship. Life calls as usual to continue with the business of living, but your memories are forever preser... (more)
02/24/16 - Missing Peko
January 30th I lost my baby who would be 18, February 24th. He was a fighter but there just was nothing more you could do for his poor heart. No more pain for him, just lots of days lost without him for me.