07/14/16 - Missing our baby
Our baby was a10 year old Doberman. She was a very spoiled girl and I loved her as much as my kids. She died suddenly on 7/5/2016 within 2hours. We rushed her to AEC but she died in the car about 10 minutes from the vet. AEC was so compassionate and caring. We had our baby cremated and a paw print done. Wow they did such an amazing job. The Ur... (more)
07/09/16 - my friend
For 14 yrs.she protected me watched over me as I slept and guarded our home while I was at work..I was always greeted with multiple kisses and affection..sh taught me to chase squirrels,rabbits and birds..thank you so much Anubis forever my friend. Also thank you Carrie, Andrea, Brittany, Christine, Sheila, and Dr.Duncan for the wonderful treatmen... (more)
07/05/16 - My best friend
Kali was my rescue. People said I rescued her but in actuality she rescued me. Always faithful, happy and loving. She kept my secrets as I kept hers. She was by my side thru everything life threw at me for the last 11 years. . I would have and did do anything I could for her. She is and always will be my one and only. My best friend. My faithful c... (more)
06/07/16 - In loving memory
Nylee had bleed through her vagina, we asked the breeder that we bought her from, she said it wasn't normal, so we took her to an emergency vet, half way there she started fish breathing and passed away in my arms. Nylee 11/8/14-5/21/16 She will be missed dearly by her mommy and papa
05/09/16 - Bernard Moshel
In honor of Pepper, my much loved and deeply missed rescue dog of 16 years.