03/24/17 - One Amazing Dog
We brought our beloved Shadow in after he was unable to move following a good run in the woods. Come to find out he had a tumor and was bleeding internally. The staff at the emergency center was so amazing! They were honest, kind, and understanding and allowed us to be with him in his last hours. It was so sudden for us and he was our best fr... (more)
03/02/17 - Little ray of sunshine
On 9-6-16, my daughter and I walked in to petco for fish food. Like any child, she wanted to look at all the pets. She saw the cage where they kept the guinea pigs. When the 2 bigger guinea pigs in the cage seperated, a little ray of sunshine was revealed. She was the tiniest little thing, like a bite size brownie! I had to take her home. Her face ... (more)
01/28/17 - Climbed the Rainbowbridge
Big Red Rosie over 20 years old 18 years in my daily care. Loved to play and climb. Leaves behind her son Teddy (see 3rd photo), sister Princess and niece Smokey plus a few kitty cousins. Her brother 22 years ago was given an indoor home. She did not get along with him so she was tossed out and she moved several streets down. I adopted her and... (more)
01/23/17 - Srong
Jada was in our lives for 14 years thanks to our wonderful vet at Hurley. We were blessed to have he because she was head strong, very intelligent, funny, honorary at times, a true chow, loved to take walks, love the wind to blow through her hair and run with us. She understood us as we understood her and we loved her dearly. Towards the end of he... (more)
01/14/17 - We miss our Doodlelady...
Lucky, our labradoodle, was such a sweet girl and a loving part of our family. I miss her terribly and the house seems so empty without her. She had been suffering with some digestion issues for quite some time but with the guidance from our home vet, she was able to be with us for the long Christmas weekend at the cabin up north. We all enjoyed... (more)