10/24/16 - My Super Hero !
I adopted Wayne and his sister Sabrina two years ago and brought them home to meet their big brother Brett. From that first meeting Wayne allowed me to scratch/rub his head. Sabrina and Brett became a couple and from that day forward I became Wayne's Official Preener, head scratcher and Companion. Wayne wouldn't sit on my shoulder, ever, he perche... (more)
09/29/16 - To My Best Friend...
Sobek was a 6 year old, 5 foot long, 15 pound female West African Nile Monitor (Varanus Niloticus) from Senegal. While most Nile Monitors are defensive and do not like people, Sobek was different and came to love being handled and socialized with her family and friends. She was an ambassador for many to the world of intelligent reptiles and liked k... (more)
09/10/16 - Forever Loved
It absolutely breaks my heart to say this. But only a week after getting married I lost my best friend and one of the loves of my life. Jax was the most amazing, caring, loving, smart and loyal dog I've ever known. He would be so excited to Steve or myself even if we were gone for 5 minutes. He was so friendly with everyone and constantly got compl... (more)
09/08/16 - Tuxedo
Deeds was a rescue kitty from the Humane Society and he picked to be his Mom, he stuck his paw out of the cage and caught my purse and just meowed to me, so he came home. The HS named him Mr. Deeds cause when he was found his tail was frostbit so he only had half a tail. He was a character, liked to run the show with our other mellow cat. Deeds kne... (more)
08/26/16 - The Little Man
Corkie shredded his mortal body and started his new journey in spirit on August 17. He left behind his owner, Mary, and his buddies, Abigail and Dorian. He was 15 yrs old. He was a pistol. He loved going into the garage and lay under the vehicle for hours. He enjoyed romping outside in the patio area, rubbing his body against the warm cement. ... (more)