Forever in Our Hearts

Josie was always full of energy. She was a part of our family for over 12.5 years.

I still remember the day we met. Josie was at the Detroit Zoo during a pet adoption event. Several dogs were already adopted by the time we got there. Everyone kept walking by her, but no one would acknowledge her because she had a note to take medication home with her. As soon as we saw her, I knew she would be perfect for our family! As we walked backed to the car she was so excited that she literally hopped on her back legs all the way there. From that day on she protected us when we needed it, comforted us in our time of need, acted silly when we needed a laugh and cuddled with us when we needed a hug. I know she is still doing all of those things as she watches over us. We think about her everyday and miss her more and more. She has given so many wonderful memories. We will always love Josie and she will never be forgotten.