Our Fur-baby

Hydie was 17 years old, and tried to stay with us as long as she could, but we had to put her down the day before my birthday, the same day our son, her boy, had to fly back home to California. It was a very sad day :(

Hydie was the softest cat you would of ever pet, like a rabbit. She was as sweet as she was soft. She was good with other animals, our pug, baby bunnies, and our oldest cat 21 years old Enie.

She loved her Momma (me). Since I work from home, we spent so much time together playing, our just hanging out. We were a pack, where I was she was.

She would help me work by shredding papers, keeping me warm sitting in my lap, and sometimes answering my phone calls.

When it was shower time, she would show up for, what we called, her hair doo appointment, so I could wipe her hair down, to keep her soft and beautiful, and of course for the treats that followed.

I moved here to Michigan from California with 3 fur-babies and a teenage son, Hydie was my last baby in the nest, and now my nest is empty and I deeply miss her.

I miss our good times, but still think about her decline and just wish our little fur-baby had a greater life span to share with us.

I hope to see all my fur-babies again one day, especially my Hyda cat!

In loving memory of our fur-babies, we miss you so!