Lucky Van Allen

Little Man

Letter to Heaven. I first met Lucky after my beloved dog Mia died. God brought me to this rescue group and there he was in a crate with his two siblings waiting to be adopted. He sat alone at the back of the crate very timidly. I instantly fell in love. Pure black in color and pure in heart as I would soon discover. Honestly he was so much fun. He loved to play with his tiny red balls that I would throw down the steps and he would bring back to me so he could go again and again and that was everyday. He also learned to say mama and I love you. I will miss his sweet, loving personality everyday.
He also never hissed or scratched me in his entire short 7 years of life.
I will never understand why he was taken from me. My sadness is unbearable. I called him my little man when I picked him up from the crate and held him for the first time. He always was and always will be my little man Lucky. I love you sweetheart. Mommy