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12/14/19 - AEC Novi

Mindy was the most amazing fur family member, and we loved her dearly. We rescued her as a newborn puppy and enjoyed every second with her. Dec 4th, at age 15, Mindy suffered her second vestibular disease attack and within days it became clear that she would not recover this time. Our vet referred us to AEC because Mindy was suffering, our vet was closed, and although we wanted to prolong Mindys life as long as possible because we loved her so much, we knew we couldn't allow her to battle her illness for one more day. The staff at AEC were the most kind, compassionate and truly caring people I have ever met. From the first phone call to arriving at the center, to the very end, everyone was incredibly comforting. They truly cared not only for Mindy but for my daughter and myself as well. For such an amazingly sad experience of losing my dog, it felt like we were with friends supporting us the entire time. I was pleasantly surprised today to receive a sympathy card from AEC personally signed by the entire staff. So thoughtful!! Thank you all - Mindy's Owner [Avg. Score: 5.0