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11/06/19 - AEC Rochester

The staff was extremely helpful, understanding and welcoming. Even with the circumstances for which I was there. As a cat mum it’s hard to leave your baby to go to work for the day, let alone leave them when they’re practically on their death bed. I felt extremely confident leaving my little guy there, I knew he was in good hands. I had detailed explanations of everything that they were doing and may have to do. And they didn’t hesitate to ask me any questions too to make sure I fully understood what was going on. Because of these guys and their hard work and dedication my little guy is alive and healing. They saved my baby and I will forever be grateful. A super, extra shout out to Dr Youatt for being so diligent and loving my baby even though she just met him. She went above and beyond to keep him with me. Dt Youatt thank you so much for all that you did! I will forever be grateful to you! You are truly a hero! Thank you! - Lilianna's Owner [Avg. Score: 4.8