My Fatty Kitty

My Fatty Kitty Coda was quite the character. Talked to everyone, demanding attention and love from whoever happened to be around. He was there for me through the worst years of my life and saw me through it all. Often times, Coda was my only reason for getting out of bed, tearing through the house (surprisingly fast for a 20lb cat) and screaming about his food dish not being full. He helped me through years of depression. He was a huge scaredy cat. He wouldn't come in the door if there was a savage leaf blocking his way and you never knew what that stick was going to do! Once it was a butterfly landing on us that almost got us treed. It was all his goofy quirks that made him so special. He definitely broke the mold as far as cat stereotypes go. After an intense battle with urethral obstruction, my fatty kitty crossed the rainbow bridge. He wasn't an old cat, but he had been through a lot. The vets and techs at AEC were wonderful to him and did everything they could. My only regret is not having been there when he left. Be a good boy, Coda bear. Mama loves you <3