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09/30/16 - AEC Novi

[9/30/16 by AEC: Thank you for all of your feedback; we’re sorry about Sobek's loss. We were troubled by your receptionist comment however and discussed this with the receptionist who saw you. She didn’t recall anything specific, but did have a personal issue on that day which may have been a distraction. We apologize for what came across as a less than warm interaction from that staff member.]

9/11/16: The receptionist was very cold and uncaring, as she seemed to not like reptiles, but the surgeon was very kind to answer all my questions and go over everything with me. I trust that her decisions were right and that she did a good job doing what she could to try to save Sobek. I would absolutely bring any of my other Monitor Lizards to the AEC in Novi in the case of an emergency like this arising again.

The staff and doctor we saw during Sobek's first visit were both wonderful, Edith & Dr. Hughes I believe. Both were kind, caring and seemingly genuine.

As much as I miss my Sobie Girl, and am heartbroken by her loss still, I am glad she is not in any pain now, thanks to the wonderful Novi AEC. Thank you all. - Sobek's Owner (Keith Mars [Avg. Score: 4.3